Welcome to FinesFamily.com. It has been on the Internet in one form or another since 1999. It was and still is a way to share family photos and videos. All the photos you will see are in a flash album (it’s just easier to do and looks good). However, I aim to include a link for a download-able zip file for every album I put up. All Albums and download-able zip files will be password protected. I will make the password available to all family members. I will send it to people that I can (email, message facebook etc.).Any other family members that want it can just email me. I will put a link up.

If you have great family pictures please send them to me. I hope you, my family and friends enjoy this journey. I enjoyed making it so I hope someone enjoys the memories.

Some of the pictures here, I must admit, were taken from facebook. They were great pictures and I knew they were pictures I wanted to keep.

I’m not a facebook creeper… You are!

Urban Dictionary

Facebook Creeping: An act in which one looks at a friend’s/stranger’s facebook profile, pictures, and recent activity. Everyone denies their involvement in this act (when in reality most people do it when bored), then in turn accuse someone else of doing it later. A person that does this often is called a Facebook Creeper.

Jon: “Hey, did you hear Jack broke up with Jill? Paul: “Uh, how’d you know that? Were you facebook creeping?” Jon: “No, of course I wasn’t!” A few hours later… Brian: “Hey, did you hear Jack broke up with Jill?” Jon: “Dude, stop facebook creeping.”


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